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Detroit (Novi) Seminar Schedule

2016 AmCon Novi Seminars

Tuesday, November 1


Power of Persuasion
Video Presentation by Robert Cialdini

Call it persuading, negotiating or convincing. Ethical influence is the foundation of successful leadership, management, sales, and customer service. Robert Cialdini has spent his career systematically studying the psychology of influence. In this video, he reveals what lies at the heart of his findings: the six principles of influence that form the basis of effective, persuasive appeals. These principles-reciprocation, scarcity, authority, commitment, liking, and consensus-may seem like the jargon of social scientists, but Cialdini brings them to life. In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Cialdini provides clear step-by-step examples of behaviors that you can put to use daily to increase your influence. You will learn why you say yes to some offers, simply based on the way they are presented. And you’ll learn how to defend against offers that you’re really not interested in, no matter how effectively they’re presented. This free presentation is a $95 value, but it could save you thousands. Attend this Free Negotiating Skills presentation then visit the AmCon exhibits and apply what you’ve learned on the show floor.


10:15am-11: 15am
Molded Plastic Part Design
Duane Gettelfinger, American Plastic Molding Corp.   

  • Materials Selection
  • Mold Costs
  • Minimize Lead Time
  • Common Design Errors
  • Designing for Low Cost, High Quality Parts
  • Design Rules of Thumb
  • Strength Measurement Methods
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Amorphous & Crystalline Materials
  • High Temperature plastics

Additional Topics:  Wall Thickness, Coring, Draft, Radii, Reinforcements, Ribs, Fillets, Holes, Undercuts, Threads, Inserts, Surface Finish, Lettering, Postmolding Operations, Finishing, Decorating, Degating, Tolerances, Gate Type and Location, Weld and Meld Lines, Warping, Orientation, Venting, Entrapped Gasses, Finite Element Analysis, Mold Fill, etc. Further information 812-752-7000


11:30 am to 12:30 pm                                   
Product Development: Design for Manufacturing (DFM)                       
Duane Gettelfinger, APM Corporation

Overview: Economically successful designs ensure both high product quality and minimization of product costs. The seminar will provide an overview of the DFM process, one of the most widely used methods for achieving this goal.

  1. Estimate the Costs of Components: Fixed vs. variable costs; The BOM; Estimating standard components; Estimating cost of custom component; Estimating cost of assembly; Estimating overhead costs
  2. Reduce the Cost of Components: Understand the process constraints and drivers; Redesign components to eliminate processing steps; Choose appropriate economic scale for the part process; Standardize components and processes; “Black Box” component procurement
  3. Reduce the Cost of the Assembly: Keeping score; Integrate parts; Maximize ease of assembly; Consider customer assembly
  4. Reduce the Costs of Supporting Production: Minimize systemic complexity; Error proofing

Consider the Impact of DFM Decisions on Other Factors: The impact of DFM on development time; The impact of DFM on development costs, product quality, and external factors; Component reuse; Life cycle costs


12:45 pm to 1:45 pm                                                                       
Beyond Stereolithography: Functional Aluminum & Plastic Prototypes
Bob Summa , Armstrong Mold Corp.              

By marrying the new rapid prototyping modeling techniques with traditional crafts based casting and tooling approaches, it is now possible to get high quality, spec material metal and plastic prototypes in 2-3 weeks at relatively low cost. This seminar will take you from CAD concept thru finished prototype parts.


2:00 pm to 3:00 pm                                                                       
Supporting Manufacturing Operations with Additive
Bryant Goudelock (Senor 3D Printing Team Leader)

An applications overview of how additive manufacturing is playing an essential role in assisting design and production engineers with developing tools used on the manufacturing floor.



Wednesday, November 2


9:00am 10:00am

Plastic Profile Extrusion
David Grice, Valley Extrusion                           
An in-depth look at profile extrusion. Tired of paying too much for aluminum extrusions and then spending extra to have secondary operations? Come let us show you materials that can replace aluminum and many secondary operations that can be accomplished in-line.  Materials and tooling will be discussed as well as part design.


10:15am – 11:15am
How to Replace Mechanical Attachments with Adhesives and Tapes in Industrial Applications
Tony Rewers, Nichols                          

Topic to cover Advantages and Disadvantages of Adhesives compared to mechanical attachments.   Integration of Adhesives into Design and Manufacturing.   Adhesive Qualification process and technologies available.


Aluminum V-Process Castings                                                                                   
Erik Depczynski, TPI Arcade                          

This seminar will cover V-Process aluminum casting technology and its advantages, pattern-making techniques and CNC machining of castings. Fundamental casting design and cost drivers for both prototype and production casting and machining requirements will be discussed. Applications to medical, automotive, instrumentation, computer, electronics, optics, and communications will be reviewed. All attendees will be given a “Design Considerations and Technical Data for V-Process Castings” guidebook.


Cost Saving Analysis Integrating Secondary Operations In-The-Die
Xavier Fajordo & Demetrius Hayes               PRONIC, Inc

For over 25 years PRONIC has assisted Metal Stamping companies save money by integrating our Value-Added technology, in and out of the die.
Our team of specialists can advise and support your projects with in-die tapping operations as well as standard and non-standard insertion solutions for bushings, rivets, pins, nuts, studs, etc.   We can also provide custom in-Line to the Stamping Press and stand-alone tapping machines for high volume production. Our commitment is to provide a premium service, from the beginning of your project to the start of your production. Wherever your country of operation is – you will find a PRONIC specialist ready to assist you. For In-Die Solutions, Think PRONIC !



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