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2017 Overland Park, KS Seminar Schedule

2017 Kansas City (Overland Park), KS Seminars

Wednesday, May 17


Power of Persuasion
Video Presentation by Robert Cialdini

Call it persuading, negotiating or convincing. Ethical influence is the foundation of successful leadership, management, sales, and customer service. Robert Cialdini has spent his career systematically studying the psychology of influence. In this video, he reveals what lies at the heart of his findings: the six principles of influence that form the basis of effective, persuasive appeals. These principles-reciprocation, scarcity, authority, commitment, liking, and consensus-may seem like the jargon of social scientists, but Cialdini brings them to life. In this dynamic presentation, Dr. Cialdini provides clear step-by-step examples of behaviors that you can put to use daily to increase your influence. You will learn why you say yes to some offers, simply based on the way they are presented. And you’ll learn how to defend against offers that you’re really not interested in, no matter how effectively they’re presented. This free presentation is a $95 value, but it could save you thousands. Attend this Free Negotiating Skills presentation then visit the AmCon exhibits and apply what you’ve learned on the show floor.

3D Printing Advanced Applications
Adam Kneller, Fisher Unitech

3D Printing has been used in the design and manufacturing to create everything from concept models all the way to end use parts. This presentation will detail how the manufacturing industry is using 3D printing technology to create better quality parts faster and in a more cost effective manor.


Best Practices of Wire Harness Manufacturing
Sunflower Electrical Systems                  

The equipment of most original equipment manufacturers (OEM) is powered and controlled with the use of wiring and cabling. The condition of that wiring and cabling assembly and installation could determine the functionality and quality of the OEM’s final assemble equipment. This presentation will cover only some of the very basic considerations of the best practices of building wire and cable harnesses. A brief overview of the total cost of ownership related to wire harness manufacturing will also be included.

Thick Gauge Thermoforming, Pressure Forming, and Twin Sheet Forming
David Grice, C&K Plastics      

C & K Plastics has been thermoforming for over 50 years. The company has over 100 cumulative years of experience.  An In- depth look at cut sheet thermoforming and how to determine which process is best for different applications. Materials, tooling and part design will be covered. Processes covered: Vacuum Forming, Pressure Forming, Twin Sheet Forming, Secondary and Finishing operation.

3D Scanning and 3D Printing
Computer Aided Technology (CATI) | MCAD | InFlow

Description TBA

Thursday, May 18th

9:00am – 10:00am
The Power to Persuade – 7 Insights into Motivating, Leading & Influencing
Video Presentation by Mike Lipkin

This dynamic program covers the The Seven Insights that will inspire you to take charge of your most important aspirations. You’ll also learn how to win people over by helping them win as well. The new reality is that everyone is a leader. Everyone has been charged with the responsibility of adding value, building the franchise or finding a better way. Top professionals understand that the power to lead comes from The Power To Persuade.

Mike Lipkin is an internationally known speaker. He is President of Environics/Lipkin, one of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated research houses, specializing in Motivation and Persuasion. As a Toronto-based speaker, author and persuasion coach, Mike has worked in twenty-two countries with over a million people. His impressive list of clients includes top companies like Deloitte, IBM, Pfizer, & Starwood Hotels. In addition, he has authored numerous best selling books including: Keeper of The Flame, Luck Favors The Brave , & On Fire, The Art of Personal Consistency .This free presentation is an $89 value, but it could save you thousands. Attend this Free Persuasion presentation then visit the AmCon exhibits and apply what you’ve learned on the show floor.

10:15am – 11:15am
Aluminum V-Process Castings
Harmony Castings

This seminar will cover V-Process aluminum casting technology and its advantages, pattern-making techniques and CNC machining of castings. Fundamental casting design and cost drivers for both prototype and production casting and machining requirements will be discussed. Applications to medical, automotive, instrumentation, computer, electronics, optics, and communications will be reviewed. All attendees will be given a “Design Considerations and Technical Data for V-Process Castings” guidebook.

Plastic Profile Extrusion
David Grice, Valley Extrusion   

An in-depth look at profile extrusion. Tired of paying too much for aluminum extrusions and then spending extra to have secondary operations? Come let us show you materials that can replace aluminum and many secondary operations that can be accomplished in-line. Materials and tooling will be discussed as well as part design.

Running Your Business by the Numbers
Brian Turner, Distefano Technology & Manufacturing  

In today’s fluctuating economy business’ have to operate their business as lean as possible and one to do that is through Open-Book Management” (OBM) is a popular model for running a for-profit business. Many firms are interested in how it works. It has been featured in Inc. magazine, and several books have promoted it. Open-Book Management has been used to describe a management style where financial information is openly shared with all employees. It is, however, a more complete set of activities in support of a unique management philosophy. OBM is: Educating all employees about the firm’s business and exchanging business information among them to support their involvement as responsible business partners with significant and timely rewards based on business performance.

More Seminars TBA, Please check back closer to show time for the most updated schedule